Born and raised in Los Angeles. Ron's passion for photography began at the age of 15. He was praised from the very beginning, yet he felt that these were just kind expressions. Intervals with emotional suffering, had caused him to stop taking pictures for long periods of time. Each new attempt left him with the sense that his chance of becoming a respected photographer were inadequate. Regardless of past downfalls, a sense of hope emerged, and Ron once again picked up his camera. Experience with internal turmoil is the source of empathy with his photography. The great inspiration is his 5 year old daughter Skylar Rae. It is through her eyes that he is able to discover a new aspect of life. Ron considers his work to be a form of meditation which allows him to be "in the moment" while connecting strongly with his subjects. He enjoys being out in the community, and exploring the streets, embracing what others may be afraid to look at. Ron is an emerging talent with an uncompromising eye, who is able to capture in his photographs the sense of anxiety and urgency, as well as the simple beauty that we may take for granted in everyday life. Ron’s masterful use of light in it’s natural state and incorporating the environment around him are essential to his technique. His photos have an edge to them, that will hold your interest long after first viewing. Ron is available to travel around the world for any assignment.